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Director IPR Enforcement, Pakistan Customs, Mr. Amer Rashid visits the OICCI

Karachi, December 19, 2019 (PPI-OT): Director IPR Enforcement, Pakistan Customs (South Region), Mr. Amer Rashid visited the OICCI on December 18, 2019, for an interactive session with the members of the OICCI Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Digital Subcommittee. He was welcomed by SG/CE, OICCI, Mr. M. Abdul Aleem.

The objective was to share different success stories resulting from the collaboration of MNCs and Customs and to identify the key areas in which the Customs team could collaborate with the OICCI members to ensure that robust enforcement continues to take place at import stage. Mr. Amer Rashid mentioned several cases of seizure of counterfeit goods being imported in the country.

He also explained the cases of genuine products being exported to Pakistan from other regional offices of the MNCs, thus giving rise to violation of territorial rights. He also shared that Pakistan Customs was increasingly becoming more proactive in seizing counterfeit products and destroying them, including those coming through the Afghan Transit Trade. He further informed that Pakistan Customs had signed MOUs with the two of the major e-commerce companies in Pakistan to curb the online sales of counterfeit products.

In conclusion, Mr. Amer requested for support from the OICCI members to work with Customs and indemnify them to take action if they suspect import of counterfeit or undervalued items. He also requested the OICCI to arrange for training workshops with the Customs’ representatives, in order to educate its members on approaching Customs to take action against the counterfeiters.

The meeting ended with a thought provoking Q and A session and it was mutually agreed that this engagement shall continue and more OICCI members shall be encouraged to cooperate with the Customs team for better IPR enforcement in Pakistan.

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