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Efforts underway to restore vehicular traffic on Karakorum Highway b/w Chilas & Gilgit

Efforts are underway to restore vehicular traffic on Karakorum Highway between Chilas and Gilgit.

Our Gilgit correspondent Sher Muhammad reports that Frontier Works Organization has cleared debris of landslides at 23 points while work in Tata Pani is underway where 120 meters road was caved in.

The road between Gilgit and Hunza has been opened which was blocked at Hassanabad in Hunza.

The Naran-Babusar road, which was blocked due to landslide at Lolusarin Naran, has also been opened for all types of traffic.

Meanwhile, flash floods hit Jutial, Basine and Buirmas Nallas in Gilgit today.


Source: Radio Pakistan

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