Pakistan Takes Effective Measures To Jump-Start Stagnant Economy: Minister

Pakistan’s caretaker Minister for Finance, Shamshad Akhtar, said, the country has taken measures to jump-start the national economy amid challenges.

The caretaker government adopted a holistic approach to developing a roadmap to augment macroeconomic management in reviving economy, the minister said at a press conference.

Fiscal stability and fiscal coordination with monetary policy, as well as, external policy are being reinforced, which is the anchor of macroeconomic management, Akhtar said.

The minister said that, efforts are also being made to enhance the social safety net, during the period when structural reforms are being implemented.

“We would try to enhance the social safety net and more importantly, financial inclusion would be expedited, so that small- and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture sectors and citizens get opportunities for financial empowerment through digitisation,” she added.

Commenting on the rising inflation in the country, she said, there is a need to promote industrialisation and maintain a regular supply chain to rein in inflation and enhance exports

Source: Nam News Network