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Bank AL-Habib Shares Experience Varied Trading Day on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, In a day of mixed outcomes, Bank AL-Habib witnessed varied trading activity on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) on Monday, according to the market summary released for 25 March. The trading day saw fluctuations in the bank’s stock prices across different listings, with the main stock symbol BAHL closing slightly higher than its opening price.

For the company’s main stock symbol, BAHL, the day started at a price of 81 and closed at 82, with the stock reaching a low of 80.75 and a high of 81.04 throughout the trading session. A total of 114,507 shares were traded, with the closing price setting at 81.18.

The Bank AL-Habib’s April preference shares, listed as BAHL-APRB, did not see any trading activity, opening and closing at 0. However, the stock did reach a high of 82.91, with the closing price recorded at 83.11.

Similarly, the bank’s preference shares for March, listed as BAHL-MARB, saw minimal activity with only 500 shares traded. The stock opened and closed at 81.5, maintaining a steady price throughout the day, and a closing price was adjusted to 81.

Lastly, the May preference shares for Bank AL-Habib, designated as BAHL-MAY, also remained static in terms of trading activity, with no shares exchanged and opening and closing prices recorded at 0. The stock, however, reached a high of 84.96, with the closing price slightly higher at 85.16.

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