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UBL Fund Managers Limited Announces Interim Distribution for UBL Special Savings Plans

KARACHI, UBL Fund Managers Limited, under the authorization of its Board of Directors, has approved interim distributions for two of its flagship investment plans: UBL Special Savings Plan-VII and UBL Special Savings Plan-V.

For the period ending May 22, 2023, UBL Special Savings Plan-VII will distribute an interim cash dividend of Re.0.1947 per unit, equivalent to 0.19% of the total investment.

Similarly, UBL Special Savings Plan-V will provide an interim cash dividend of Re.0.1722 per unit, amounting to 0.17% of the total investment for the same period.

The entitlements mentioned above will be credited to the unit holders whose names are recorded in the register of unit holders as of the close of business on May 22, 2023.

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