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Islamabad Youtuber Adil Raja Loses Defamation Case in UK Court

Islamabad, Major Retired Adil Raja, a well-known Youtuber, has been defeated in a defamation lawsuit in a British court, resulting in significant financial penalties.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the UK High Court imposed a fine of ten thousand pounds on Raja following a series of legal challenges he presented. The court’s decisions came after Raja attempted to delay the defamation trial brought against him by Brigadier Retired Rashid Naseer, which the judge dismissed. Judge Richard Spearman found that Raja’s social media publications on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and X contained content that was “seriously defamatory” of Naseer.

The court’s ruling specified that Raja must pay 5,000 pounds as a penalty for his unsuccessful attempt to stay the defamation proceedings and an additional 5,000 pounds for failing in his security for costs application. The total amount ordered reflects the court’s stance on the misuse of social media to spread defamatory content. Raja is required to settle the payments by the upcoming Wednesday.

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