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Pakistan Seeks Extensive IMF Loan to Stabilize Economy

Islamabad, Pakistan’s Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb has announced the country’s intention to secure a substantial and extended financial support package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). During an interview with TRT World, Aurangzeb detailed the ongoing discussions with IMF officials aimed at stabilizing the national economy through a multi-billion-dollar loan program.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Finance Minister emphasized that there would be no significant devaluation of the Pakistani rupee in the near future. His comments came during a roundtable meeting with the Bloomberg team in Washington, where he expressed confidence in Pakistan’s economic fundamentals, including solid reserves, a stable currency, and increasing exports, which he believes will shield the rupee from devaluation.

Aurangzeb also highlighted the government’s proactive measures to invigorate various sectors of the economy. He outlined plans to enhance support for industries, agriculture, and information technology, aiming to drive national growth beyond four percent in the upcoming years. These initiatives are part of Pakistan’s broader strategy to achieve sustainable economic development and stability.

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