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Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited Board to Convene Meeting, Closed Period Announced

Karachi, In an announcement made today, Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited revealed that a meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled to take place on 06 June 2023 in Karachi. The primary agenda of the meeting will revolve around matters other than the financial results of the company.

To ensure transparency and fairness, the company has declared a "Closed Period" that will be observed from 30 May 2023 until the conclusion of the board meeting on 06 June 2023. During this closed period, all directors, the CEO, and executives are strictly prohibited from engaging in any direct or indirect trading of the company's shares.

The implementation of the closed period is a standard practice adopted by many corporations to prevent any potential conflicts of interest or insider trading. By mandating the prohibition of share dealings, Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited aims to maintain the integrity of its decision-making processes and safeguard the interests of its shareholders.

This announcement comes at a crucial time for the company, as stakeholders eagerly anticipate updates on matters pertaining to the company's future direction, strategies, and potential growth opportunities. As the board convenes, shareholders are hopeful that the decisions made during the meeting will further strengthen Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited's position in the market and enhance shareholder value.

The company remains committed to maintaining a high level of corporate governance, adhering to regulatory requirements, and promoting ethical business practices. By implementing the closed period, Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited demonstrates its dedication to transparency, fairness, and the long-term success of the company.

Investors and stakeholders are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the board meeting on 06 June 2023 to gain insights into the discussions and decisions made by the Board of Directors.

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