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Over 36000 Pakistani intending pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia

Over 36000 Pakistani intending pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Out of these, 28000 are staying in Madinah while other 8000 have arrived in Makkah after completing their eight-day stay in Madinah.

Radio Pakistan’s correspondent Javed Iqbal reports from Makkah that Pakistan Hajj Mission has deployed over 100 Haram Guides to assist pilgrims at entrance, exit points of Masjid Al Haram.

These dedicated Haram guides, proudly displaying Pakistani flags and sporting distinctive green caps and vests, are strategically positioned at various entrances of the Grand Mosque.

The primary role of the Haram guides is to provide valuable assistance and guidance to the pilgrims, ensuring that they are directed towards the buses that will take them comfortably to their assigned accommodations.

To ensure maximum convenience for the pilgrims, the buses for each sector are strategically stationed at designated locations.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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